Rayman Jungle Run

What Makes Rayman Jungle Run So Popular Among The Gamers

Rayman Jungle Run has got a rating of 9 out of 10 by Pocketgamer who has described the game as fast, amazing as well as exciting.

According to Gamezbo, this game is one of the most stunning games one has ever played on iOS.

In fact, it is also considered as the “APP STORE BEST OF 2012”. IGN likewise claims that Rayman Jungle Run is an incredible application which can make any gamer captivated.

The video game has managed to win a huge number of accolades including Platformer of the Year as well as Game of the Year awards.

Here we should mention that this game is not compatible with iPhone 3G or any other previous model. A robust UbiArt Framework engine which was actually introduced by Rayman Origins is responsible for powering the game.

It is indeed an exciting experience for any gaming enthusiast when their favorite hero jumps to their favorite iOS gadget.

Among the important features related to this game, mention may be made of the wonderful graphics which are supported by the innovative Retina Display.

Apart from these, we should also mention the mind-boggling music. The amazing touch-based controls also deserve special mention.

While enjoying this fascinating application, you will have the privilege of unlocking new powers and also discovering new worlds.

Other important highlights of the astounding Rayman Jungle Run are the unique wallpapers which can be unlocked for your gadget as well as the revolutionary Multiple Cloud services plus GameCenter Leaderboards.
This is how you can get the game for free. Watch the video youtube video right below.

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Rayman Jungle Run