Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2

Creative capacity is the main element in Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 game, as you get into a supernatural storybook arrive packed with key and ponder, excessive family pets and perplexing riddles!

Make your particular unique stickman, and after that watch, it becomes animated in Getting A STICKMAN: EPIC 2! Test you to ultimately open each unknown, gather each illustration and provide your inattentiveness with the planet!

Release your inventiveness as you draw a Stickman from your novel viewpoint, and after that watch your enlivened Hero spring up before your eye! Make each thought a reality by sparing boundless illustrations in your Sketchbook, and offering them to companions!

Set out on the dangerous voyage through time! Bring your Stickman and make an associate!

Regardless, be cautioned because debacle falls upon your lover! It’s dependent after you to wind up plainly the legend! Move your way through the enchanted world of EPIC 2 out of your journey to free your accomplice!

With all the new offer aspect, you’ll now have the ability to send your manifestations to your companions! They’ll then have the capability to work with your illustrations in their epic undertakings!

New features and improvements enable you to go over a bigger shading palette, alongside an assortment of pencil sizes. Using the new offer part, send your illustrations to your companions!

Open shrouded Color Buddies, find confound pieces, and appreciate new sketch pens for Wire connections, Eggs, and Snow! This is an affair like no other, custom-made by you!

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Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2

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Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2