HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a terrific facts app and an enjoyable new way to evaluate your expertise with a reward too if you win. The questions could obtain complicated which makes it a lot more enjoyable and also the host is very engaging.

I have not had any type of lag problems so long as I’m on a great wifi network. This game does lag after 800K people are online. That’s damned dreadful. The 250K video game the other night delayed after 4 mins and never ever returned. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, with great WIFI and also it still delayed. Please do not have a video game that must tackle +2 million individuals, as well as not play well once you hit a certain amount of users. Act of courtesy. Way too many individuals are dissatisfied with the connectivity. This app throws away numerous bucks, yet can not repair the lag concerns? Abhorrent. On a side note, the game is truly outstanding trivia game show. Though never ever won.

However certainly won’t give up till I win. Some recommendations to the designer. Will certainly you mind to include text just setting so gamers can play without any interruption where web link is slow-moving. Play this game Every day at 9pm EST. Let us know how you do.

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HQ Trivia