Farm Heroes Saga

Life is good in the old Farm Lands. Or so it was until Rancid the Raccoon started praying on the defenseless Cropsies and ruining the precious lands. With more and more cropsies being destroyed by this new treat, only a hero can stop the rowdy Raccoon and save the farm.

Are you up for the challenge in Farm Heroes Saga?

Farm Heroes Saga is an exciting tile-matching mobile game created by the same developers which gave us games like Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. Featuring a lively design and friendly gameplay, the game allows you to play through hundreds of levels, each one of them filled with new challenges and rewards, as you work to save the farm and beat your friends’ scores in the process!

Earn points collecting multiple vegetables, such as onions and carrots, and use the extra bonuses to buy new boosters and multipliers. But be careful and use your moves wisely. The farm animals will help you, but only a true hero can save the farm.

Play it whenever you want. Anytime, anyplace.

Farm Heroes Saga is a free game that can be played anywhere. Whether it’s battling your friends on Facebook or using it in your phone as a way to kill your free time, you will have endless hours of fun leveling your way up to victory regardless of where you are. Extra boosters and items are also available for purchase if you need extra help to master a level.

Farm Heroes Saga includes:

* Multiple vegetable Cropsies, each of which has their own bonuses.
*Simple game mechanics and fun challenges.
*Animals with special abilities that will help you save the Farm Lands.
*Special powers and rechargeable boosters that will help you level up faster.
*New levels every 2 weeks.
*Smooth synchronization between devices and access to the game’s full features.
*Synched leaderboards where you can compete with your family and Facebook friends.

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Farm Heroes Saga