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Our addictive Pou games collection lets you join the mobile pet craze.

POU – available on the App Store

  • Pou is your virtual-alien-pet from outer space! And, yes, the brown, triangular-little-guy-looks a bit like, well, doggy doo. lol.

In the classic-game you can actually take-care of him just like you would to a Tamagotchi or other virtual pet: by feeding him (& watching him grow), cleaning him, & making sure he gets-exercise & sleep.

  • Pou available on the App Store
  • You can also earn-coins through the mini-games that will enable you to buy-costumes
    for Pou & decorations & upgrades to his (or her) virtual world.
  • Pou can even be multiplayer, with pets visiting each other’s homes!
  • Challenge one of your friends & their Pous to the mini-games.

This category lets you do a bit of all that, plus much more! Give makeovers to boy
and girl Pous, help Pous fall in love, make food with your Pou, solve Pou puzzle games, and much more!

When you find a game that you enjoy, play it for as long as you like. in case you may need to come to a stop but aren’t finished with that game, just save it to your favorites so you can find it easily
later in your profile.

Plus, we keep adding new Pou titles all the time so be sure to check back here for those!

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