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The Legend Begins

Batman Arkham Origins

It’s the Christmas Eve and villains & thugs swarming the streets of Gotham, searching for the Caped Crusader. The Blackmask arranged the program, “One Night to Kill the Bat” and everybody’s out to get him.

It’s time to take up the mantle and be the Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. Fight and investigate your way to the Blackmask. Explore the Gotham’s most dangerous and feared locales.

Game Features

Batman: Arkham Origins is a Free-to-Play brawler game brought to you by the NetherRealm Studios.

New Collections In Batman: Arkham Origins.

Explore the Gotham city and find out Capes, Cowls, Belts, Armor and batarangs. You can upgrade the Batsuit and unlock them by collecting all of them.

Intuitive and Simple Controls

You can easily draw upon the Dark Knight’s arsenal of gadgets, stances, and skills just by Tapping, Blocking, and Swiping with your two fingers.

Batsuit You Need To Try On In Batman: Arkham Origins.

As you progress, you can unlock more than 15 alternate Batsuits. Each Batsuit will give different Speed, Health, and Damage configurations and that will help you to tailor your moves.

Cross Console Unlocks

You can connect the console version with the mobile game and you can unlock more exciting content!

Stances and Skills

Level up your Batman just the way you like to play. There are 250 plus upgrades that will help you in focusing on the skills. Try the Assault Stance for attack or the Guarded Stance to defend.

Boss Battles In Arkham Origins

Survive and fight the thugs in Batman: Arkham Origins and then confront the Gotham’s worst in the boss battles that includes Bane, Deathstroke, Deadshot, and more.

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Batman Arkham Origins Download iOS Android Online