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Charm King is an adventurous game that allows you to have fun as you try to fulfill the quest of capturing and collecting colorful charms.  Witness some of our gameplay with the video above.  We’ll be posting more games on a daily.

This Match-3 puzzle game has tons of addictive and challenging levels awaiting you so that you can claim your crown as a king of the charms.

Charm King is now released: Tap Here – to get this game – available on the App Store !

Play this top No Wifi Game anywhere anytime, even if you get stranded on a beach and have no access to wifi or a data plan.

The objective of the games is to collect a certain number of charms as you advance in the upper levels but not to reach a certain score.

There are rocks in spaces that you have to destroy and oil lamps that need lighting up by making matches next to them.

Features of Charm King

It features vibrant HD graphics which makes the game attractive and heart enchanting.

The game play mechanics are more advanced than most match-3 puzzles. It powers ups elements in the grind in a way that brings about original experience.

  • It is all free to play, but you can buy upgrades by earning more points.
  • There are tons of regions to unlock and charms to use in the game play.

The game allows you to compete with your friends by connecting to online scoreboards. Check how your friends are performing and work hard to catch up or beat them.

Earn more points which will allow you to buy fantastic upgrades. There are loads of boosts and gems that enhance your progress.

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What’s new In Charm King?

Chat with some friendly goats at the Troll Bridge, a brand new region accessible by moving across the river. But take caution as it is said there is a Troll close.

Can you see any Troll?

  1. Charm King now has 15 new levels increasing the number of total levels to 640!
  2. The new levels have unique challenges which boost your quest to advance to the next level
    Updating your Charm King to the latest version will allow you to have fun and gaming adventure like you have never experienced before.
  3. Tap here to get this game on the App Store

Watch the quick video if you would like to have a look at the gameplay ( Tutorial Guide)

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Charm King Free Game App Online