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The game is respectable, however there’s one trouble I have. Can you make an upgrade where you can eliminate your conserve information? We also want to start around once more, but no matter what the team here does, we cannot remove my conserve information. We really enjoy it the game! Unlike the others you do not have invest any kind of cash for brand-new stuff that is offered in the game. Simply complete the difficulties of all the different packman levels to gain the coins to get brand-new mazes we call them. It’s straightforward and just about real to the initial. Superb video game that most of us have played in the past, doesn’t it bring back memories. The swipe screen can be a little tricky sometimes. Adverts are irritating but it is free and I am damaged.

Some customers say is CHEESY. As well tough to regulate on elite speed. Some may have used 30- + coins to play “Rock” puzzle pack, you charged a lot more to play much more. Repair the controls so people could finish their game loads. It’s not simply fast, quick readies. It is unresponsive at times! i assume individuals that played this game obviously didn’t understand how the game functions. At times the game can be REALLY EASY to control, as well as it’s even much better with all the modes you can play. its fun! try the game out yourself.

Let us know what you score and we might post it on our Facebook page if its good enough 😉

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PackMan Game