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Another day, another game played. We just tested out another fun no wifi game. Steppy Pants is a ABSOLUTELY AMAZING walking down the street type of zombie game. Daddy long legs but funnier! Good quirky game.

The Game is similar to DLL except with a new twist. We have to say it’s a good minecraft style graphics if you like that for a game.

The controls aren’t as difficult or as frustrating as DLL. The game is a tapping game. You might have to tap quick to head on over to the next step, but make sure you don’t step on any of those cracks. It’s fun so far. Good work devs on making a new game out of the similar concept.

OMG, we are so addicted that, it it’s also a great time killer when waiting for a cab, subway rides, or waiting for a date to show up for a nice night out. Maybe a steak dinner?  Do you like steak?  Anywho, give this game a chance and lets us know what you think.

Watch our gameplay video about and see how we did.  Tag a game friend and we’ll see you.

Download this game on ios from the app store.

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Steppy Pants iOS & Android Apps on Google Play Download