Here’s A List of OK Google Commands To Use

Hey peeps, With more and more people becoming users of this so called android, we now have the option of making these voice commands to our android device through google voice assistant.

With technology becoming more advanced with each passing day, it is now possible to control and command your phone or device to perform a specific set of tasks through google voice commands.

You can access the voice functionality on your device by logging into the Google now app although most devices come pre installed with it. If you are using an android device then you can access it by long pressing the home button.

You can also open the Google now app to access it. With Google voice commands it is now possible to entirely interact with your phone or device by saying a set of commands and instructions which will automatically open the desired application. With the recent update from Google, the voice seems more natural and clearer than ever and you can tell google what to do.

Commands you can use in “OK Google”

In this article we shall list the top Google voice commands you need to know if you are new to OK Google. If you are suing a newer version of android or a recent device you can simply say “OK Google”.

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However you can also tap the button which resembles a microphone and skip the part where you have to say OK Google.

Now, If the option is not working for you then you need to open the Google now app and make sure that voice detection is enabled and ok ok google commands are working. As simple as these can be saying okay google call home. A simple command can be okay google what does UNICEF stand for.

The basics of the voice commands are:

Open {name of app you want to open}. Example Open Messages

Go to {name of website you want to visit} Example Go to

Call {name of contact} Example Call Fred

Text {name of contact} Example Text Mom I am not going to be home for dinner

Set an alarm {specific time} Example Set alarm at 10pm

Post to Google plus

Set a reminder

Post {status} on twitter

Post{status} on Facebook

Sow emails from {app name}

Search for {specific search query} on Google

Mathematics calculations what is {10/5}

Directions to/ how to get/ navigate to {specific name}

You can also ask any question like what is this /how to get this done/ what is the meaning/define this, etc on google and it shows you the results immediately.

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You can also set simple reminders. You can say “Remind me to { describe a task}. For example you can say “Remind me to wash the dishes on Saturday”.

Here’s most of the VOICE COMMAND formats supported by OK GOOGLE.

The video is only a few minutes but you’ll get to know more about the supported voice commands.

OK Google humans, you can now like this….