Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam The Adventure Game

Cookie Jam is a match-3 game where the player has to JAM their cookies before they crumble down. This challenging game comes with twists and is lots of fun too.

Cookie Jam – available on the App Store

The game is all about helping Chef Panda Jam the cookies through multiple exciting levels. You can flash through the numerous bakery islands all the while swapping cookies, candies and cakes not to exclude yummy patisseries in your own traveling bakery.

Cookie Jam allows you to create as many exciting cookie, candy, and cake combos in the many different levels as you want that would whet your sweet-tooth appetite.

Beware! All the crunching and crushing should be done before the Gingerbread Man gets to ruin your baked cookies and other treats in this adventure game.

Ingredients That You’ll Get With Cookie Jam

  • Cookie Jam has thousands of exciting and unique game playing levels
  • Generous supply of life-power and combos
  • Filled with adventure
  • Easy to play and a fun challenge
  • Plough your way through delicious and magical bakery islands for all kinds of the Toppings
  • Surprise rewards at all levels
  • Fun to be shared with your Facebook friends
  • Multiple platforms and devices compatibility

Let us know what you think of Cookie Jam. What level have you made it too.



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