Paint Monsters

Start Painting it Up With Paint Monsters!

Paint Monsters Game

Enjoying the Paint Monsters’ Experience

Using strokes of bold color, you can create Paint Monsters that blend in artistic fashion to thwart the Ink King and bring back a world of color!

Paint Monsters – available on the App Store

Now, you’ll enjoy this installation of the paint monsters’ game, which includes magical boosters!

  1. These boosters bring the canvas to life and rev you up for an exciting party, featuring disco music and dancing.

If you want to experience a fun time filled with vibrant art work, look no further than this free game!

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Check out the following supplies that come with this delightful game:

    • A multi-level, challenge-based, and expandable canvas
    • An inventive selection of boosters and combos that spark creativity and fun
    • An imaginative cast of characters to spice up game choices – A range of exciting environments that support a vivacious variety of settings
    • A collection of paint monsters and power-ups to overcome the Evil Inklings’ antics.

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Paint Monsters