Toy Blast


Sign up for the fun world of Amy and assist accumulate her noteworthy gadgets!

Match no under two squares of your comparable shading to clear your level and accumulate the toys and games from the area they stuck.

Regardless, be cautious that it isn’t that easy to free all the toys and games while your movements are constrained!

Your potential in caring for queries will be your very best contraption while participating in these games that are very addictive that at much excitement.

No all the additionally walloping pastries, breaking profitable rocks, crunching snacks or creating. However the squares and esteem this phenomenal endeavor!

Find Amy’s fact to make her grin. Play Toy Blast with the best gadgets that can move you back again to Amy’s great world. Crunch all the practically equivalent shaded 3D squares through the use of differing promoters, for example, part busting impacts, chargeable driving forces plus some more!

Toy Blast Features:

  • Stunning designs and book gameplay
  • A variety of cutest playthings; autos, rockets, dolls, abundant Toy Blast plus some more…
  • such countless with building up confuses
  • Numerous followers in happen to be help Amy; vacuums, drills, compartments, paintbrushes, explosives, rotors etc…
  • Spectacular prizes and extra prizes opened up after levels approved
  • Available on the App Store
  1. Easy and beguiling to try out yet hard to understand
  2. Facebook Leaderboards to meet your sidekicks and adversaries!
  3. This person got to level 1300…WOW! Can you beat that!
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