Word Cookies Puzzle Game

Word Cookies is a game that has been developed by BitMango company which has developed other similar games before.

Mostly the game focuses on your capability to correctly predict all the possible words in a stove which is the same with the famous game Letter Soup Cafe.

The concept, of fishing words, from all the different sides (right, left, down, up, backward and any way possible) makes such a cool and interesting game.

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The game is very fun, interesting and makes you play for free.

The main purpose of the game is to search for the hidden words. By playing this game, you can simply improve your spelling skills, vocabulary, and concentration.

Word Cookies; The Absolute Brain Buster!

Are you are a fun of a word puzzle games? Are you familiar with game challenges or some cookies? Then this is the right and the perfect game for you.

Get ready to find word cookies for your kitchen oven and embrace the power of your brain to discover words.

How do you play this game?

1. Words can either be vertical, diagonal, horizontal or even backward.

2. Swipe your finger simply over a word you want to select.

3. When you found the word that you like, it will remain marked and highlighted on the list of words found.

The main Features of Word Cookies.

1. Discover hidden words from mixed letters.

2. Find derived words from main words and develop your vocabulary skills and brain.

3. Visually pleasing to play cookies in different kinds!

4. Feel achievement with the Increased point by making extra cookies!

5. Easy and Simple.

6. Daily bonus rewards

7. At first game, you will get free 200 coins’ payment.

8. The best way to exercise your brain.

9. Support both Tablets and Phones.

10. It’s free to update.

11. It’s easy and fun to play the game.

12. Fun to master gameplay and easy to learn.

13. It’s not limited to a particular time.

14. You can play both offline.

15. The game has a lot of unique levels. This includes 32 packages and over 580 awesome levels!

Have you had the chance to play Word Cookies and if so…did it put your brain into hyper gear? Leave a comment down below and let us know at No Wifi Games.